Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bloggie New Look!!!

allo peeps... sorry for the unupdated blog!! hehe... memandangkan dh msuk bln baru which is Jun, bloggie yan dh tkar layout bru.... yeay!!! and i like the new look very much.... ^____^  the theme is simple and at the same time cute... its take me a lot of effort by editing the codes... ayayai!!! smpai nek pening yan nk edit so it'll suits my taste... 


yup... i know it so simple... but i like it... layout nie yan amek kat sini.... so pd kengkawn yg nk try layout nie or another layout, you olls just klik je yg ada kaler biru.... ada mcm2 layout yg kiut miut kat sini.... but, korg kna edit skit tuk sesuaikn ngn blog korg.... ok lol... smpai sini je entry tuk kali nie....

saranghae korg sgt2!!!!! ^___^

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